I like Volunteering!


Here is selected list of Volunteer Projects that I was involved in:

1. City Lead, Yuva & Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) Digital Literacy campaign [Microsoft India]
Dates: September 2010 – May 2011 (9 months)
Blog Post: Yuva Unstoppable and Microsoft student partner’s Digital Literacy campaign, Ahmedabad, India [September 2010–May 2011]

2. co-Leader, Gyan Jyoti: Digital Literacy campaign at Nirma University
Dates: September 2010 – October 2010 (2 months)
Description: A month long digital literacy campaign to introduce underprivileged and physically disabled students to the amazing world of computers (hardware & software).

3. Volunteer, Dallas Give Camp
Blog-Post: I gave back at Dallas GiveCamp – And why I think every software professional should consider doing so too!

4. Volunteer, Alternative spring break
Dates: March 2012
A week long park-preservation Volunteering work for Oklahoma’s Sequoyah State Park during Spring Break 2012

Here’s me with few of my Bright students! We share a fun moment when I was showing them video-cam on my laptop, Notice the happiness and burning curiosity in the eyes of these kids!


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