Achievement Unlocked: Tableau Desktop 8 Qualified Associate!


To test my Tableau knowledge, I attempted the Tableau product certification and got the “Tableau Desktop 8 Qualified Associate” certificate.

Tableau 8 Qualified associate Certificate paras doshi



14 thoughts on “Achievement Unlocked: Tableau Desktop 8 Qualified Associate!

  1. syed mukram ali

    Hi Paras,


    I also want to take certification assessment. I need your help on this. Could you please guide me to crack this test?


  2. somu

    Hi Paras,

    first of all very congratulation to YOu for clearing exam .
    i want help from you even next month i want to appear for certification want to know what question will come if you have some dump on you plz give it to me .


  3. Anshul Goyal

    Hi Paras. Congratulations on your certification. I also took the same certification last week and enjoyed the experience. I am also a Tableau Server Qualified Associate. I want to know whether you have some statistics about the number of qualified professionals in the world. I tried reaching out to Tableau but they did not reveal the figures.


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