why I liked reading “One Minute Manager”?


I read anything – literally anything and so you should know that there was no sane reason to pick up this book. Anyways here is what I promised – a monologue on why I liked reading “One Minute manager”:

I have a perception that “management” books are either exhaustive or boring. In some case, both! Also, I find no point in reading passage after passage of theories – It would have made sense if I had decade of managerial practice but sigh – I do not have any such experience; so what if I just wished to learn few things before I began the managerial journey? After reading “one minute manager”, I think, I now know few fundamental management practices. I like the feeling! So +1 here!

The book is a story of a young man in a quest to know effective management practices. yes, no boring paragraphs on management mumbo jumbo but a book having a story format. I like it! so +1 here.

Next, there are only three “secrets” that sums up the knowledge imparted in the book. Only three! I like it! so +1 here too.

The first half of the book is about knowing these three secrets. and the second half about knowing why they work. Some fundamental pointers on human behavior – I like it! so +1 here too.

And biggest +1 on the fact that it is an one hour read. That’s it – only an hour! I like it! so +1 here too.


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